The fitness of bacteria in plants or in other environmental contexts is highly dependent on both the abiotic and biotic conditions of the environment. The biotic context has been overlooked, but might soon come to light with the increasing interest in plant microbiomes.
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Abiotic stresses strongly affect plant growth, development, and quality of production; final crop yield can be really compromised if stress occurs in Biostimulants have been proposed as agronomic tools to counteract abiotic stress. Indeed, these products containing bioactive molecules have a beneficial...

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  • Revise abiotic and biotic factors and sampling techniques such as using quadrats and pitfall traps as part of National 5 Biology. The biodiversity and distribution of organisms within an ecosystem is due to both abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) factors.
  • They can influence intestinal physiology either directly or indirectly through modulation of the endoge-nous ecosystem or immune system. The results that have been shown with a sufficient level of proof to enable probiotics to be used as treatments for gastrointestinal disturbances are 1)...

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Whilst social influence can have a positive effect on behavior, its disadvantages have been a motivating factor behind research into conformity by A further form of social influence is the roles in which people find themselves. Each role is associated with a set of attitudes and forms of behavior...

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The Chesapeake Bay Program is a unique regional partnership that brings together leaders and experts from a vast range of agencies and organizations. Each Bay Program partner uses its own resources to implement Bay restoration and protection activities. Partners work together through the Bay Program’s goal teams, workgroups and committees to collaborate, share information and set goals.

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Influence of current fruit number or preceding crop load on abscission of reproductive structures from Hass avocado trees during specific developmental stages was quantified. For off- and on-crop years, flower abscission began at the same time, peaked 1 month later, and rates were lower in the off-crop year.

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Much interest is directed at the chemical structure of hydraulic fracturing (HF) additives in unconventional gas exploitation. To bridge the gap between existing alphabetical disclosures by function/CAS number and emerging scientific contributions on fate and toxicity, we review the structural properties which motivate HF applications, and which determine environmental fate and toxicity. Our ...

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The Wind Across Australia Wind is one of the most highly variable meteorological elements, both in speed and direction. It is influenced by a wide range of factors, from large scale pressure patterns, to the time of day and the nature of the surrounding terrain.

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Dec 01, 2014 · Species inhabiting Brazilian coastal sand dunes (restingas) may feature a number of adaptations in their development and survival in these physical stressful environments. The present study determined the effect of biotic and abiotic factors on the assemblage of grounddwelling ants in a sand dune ecosystem of the Santa Catarina coastal plain in Brazil. Both linear and quadratic models were ...

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Triphenyltin compounds exert a variety of health effects in various animal species, including the effects on the immune system, reproductive/developmental effects at levels near maternally toxic (most lowest observed adverse effect levels are in several mg/kg range or lower), hyperplasia/adenomas in endocrine organs, apoptosis in thymus cells, calcium release in sarcoplasmic reticulum cells and eye irritation.

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Introduction I Thematic principle of classification II Classification based on the semantic principle III The structural principle of classifying On this principle, idioms are classified according to their sources of origin, "source" referring to the particular sphere of human activity, of life of nature, of...

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