May 22, 2012 · NFS means you access a file share like \\MyFileServerName\MyShareName, and you put files on it. In Windows, this is a mapped network drive. You access folders and files there, but you don’t see the network mapped drive in Computer Manager as a local drive letter. You don’t get exclusive access to NFS drives.
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VMFS vs. NFS NFS version 3 vs. 4.1 Demo: Create an NFS Datastore Fiber Channel Storage LUN Masking Zoning Fiber Channel over Ethernet iSCSI Storage Software iSCSI Dependent Hardware iSCSI Independent Hardware iSCSI Initiator iSCSI Target Discovery Virtual SAN (VSAN) Part 1 Virtual SAN (VSAN) Part 2

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  • Q32. ­Is there any NFS or SCSI conversions going on under PE or array side­? A. Storage Containers are configured and the PEs set up to use NFS or SCSI for data in advance. The NFS traffic is unaltered NFS using a mount-point and a path. SCSI I/O is directed to a particular vVol using the secondary LUN ID field of the SCSI command. Q33.
  • May 14, 2018 · Select Thin Provision as a virtual machine disk format and choose one of the available VMFS/NFS storage on which you want to migrate the VM. Click Next. Wait until the virtual machine files will be moved to the new storage. Now make sure that the type of the disc is changed to Thin provision.

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Feb 19, 2015 · With vVols VM provisioning type is specified as part of profile information passed during vVol creation. Config vVol which are formatted VMFS are “thin” by definition. Also size of config vVol is very small (default 4GB) and it contains small files such as disk descriptors, vm config files, stats and logs data.

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May 24, 2013 · The same can be said for NFS when you couple that protocol with the proper network configuration. Almost all servers can act as NFS NAS servers, making NFS cheap and easy to set up. NFS also offers a few technical advantages. NFS and iSCSI have gradually replaced Fibre Channel as the go-to storage options in most data centers.

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- Mount/Unmount an NFS datastore - Extend/Expand VMFS datastores - Place a VMFS datastore in Maintenance Mode - Select the Preferred Path/Disable a Path to a VMFS datastore - Enable/Disable vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) - Given a scenario, determine a proper use case for multiple VMFS/NFS datastores Tools: - vSphere Installation and ...

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ESXi 4.0 on a whitebox. Recognises local disk which is formatted VMFS. 1 GB Intel NIC. iSCSI and NFS storage on a Thecus 5200 Pro (2 GB – teamed NICs). Its a Linux appliance with software RAID. I run everything off of the iSCSI and NFS, except for one server which I run on the local VMFS disk. Performance is good on iSCSI and NFS at 1 GB.

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Apr 06, 2015 · The same 1000 IOPs can mean 16x more load on a system when looking at 64K block size Vs 4K. That is a lot of difference for a Service Provider to take into account when deciding the pricing for a service. In some cases even large number of small block size IOs may impact storage more than large block IOs.

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A virtual disk can be presented in two ways. As a virtual disk (vmdk), or as a virtual volume VVOL. A virtual disk (vmdk) is a file on a file system (VMFS or NTFS) that is presented to a VM as a SCSI volume. All I/O goes through the virtual SCSI stack. A VVOL is a volume on the array, and all I/O goes through the virtual SCSI stack.

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Computer forensics is an increasingly important field not only for investigating intrusions, hacks and data theft, but also to help analyze the security of a physical or virtual machine that has ...

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