Hi, I was hoping some of you had some insight on having someone's sun in your 12th house. Or better yet, if your sun/Venus/Mercury fell in your partner's 12th house. I met this guy and his sun is in my 12th and his moon is in my 8th. We also have Venus square Pluto (I'm Pluto) at 0° degrees (and his Mars in my 1st house).
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Venus in 6th House: Sixth house is the house of debts, disease and poverty. 8th house represents sexuality and the sexual act whether obvious or hidden - the secretive ones! 8th belongs to hidden things, native will use the wealth to feel sensual pleasures of life like private parties, sex with multiple...

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  • Venus square Uranus in Synastry Generally a relationship with this aspect between the partners has lots of excitement but little stability. You may get together in a sudden, whirlwind romance and break with each other just as quickly, unless there are other stabilizing aspects between you.
  • Dec 05, 2018 · The 12th house person can recognise a familiar part of themselves in the past of the IC person, a part of them they may struggle to see usually. Mercury trine Venus in synastry can mean the Mercury person finds it easy and comfortable to open up to the Venus person. The Venus person could be a muse of the Mercury person.

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Venus/Mars Synastry Aspects. Of course for most people sex is important in a relationship so it is preferable to have Venus and Mars in aspect. It really doesn’t matter if the aspect is hard or soft, well it might in the bedroom perhaps…These two connecting more or less guarantees sexual chemistry that doesn’t dim too much after the initial excitement fades.

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I have a 12th house sun and I attract these kind of relationships.. I can relate whole -heartedly. I been studying Venus in the 12th house because my Love life mirrors it, or I attract these type of people.

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For synastry and composite, someone told me if you don't have What can we tell about a female with Mars and Vargottama Venus conjunction in Scorpio in the 12th house? Would you rather see the man's Mars and woman's Venus in opposition, square, conjunct, sextile or trine when it comes to...

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In any chart, 10th house is known as the Karmasthan or house of career. But while judging the profession of husband or spouse, we have to consider 10th house from the 7th i.e. the 4th house from your Ascendant. Because 7th is the house of marriage partner or husband and 10th house from it will be the house of husband career in astrology.

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I have a 12th house sun and I attract these kind of relationships.. I can relate whole -heartedly. I been studying Venus in the 12th house because my Love life mirrors it, or I attract these type of people.

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Dec 29, 2020 · Hi Jamie, I have venus and Saturn Conjuction in my 1st house (both on 21^) and I also have pluto in same house. My life took lots of twist and turns as mentioned in the articles I faced 2 divorce and many heart breaks,but finally i met a girl who can I love amd and she reciprocates.

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Aug 04, 2019 · How does it affect synastry when one partner’s personal planets land in the other’s 12th house? What does it mean, and how does it affect things? For instance, my Sun and Venus land in the 12th house of my ex/long term best friend. I’ve always been madly in love with him, and he claims he isn’t…but his actions speak otherwise.

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