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Alois x reader jealous ». Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulphate; Benzalkonium Chloride; Shampoo Concentrates

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  • (Hanako-Kun x Female-ish Reader) Hey, small note before ya read this. So, I have to repost this since the original one isn't showing up on the tags whatsoever. WARNINGS: Blood, Hanahaki, Death,...
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Browse through and read or take danganronpa x male reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. Reader Oneshots] Oneshots of your favorite Danganronpa boys from all three games and you!

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Danganronpa X Reader. 1.5M ratings. 'If it's alright, how about a soulmate AU where the soulmates can occasionally meet in each other's dreams, but can't remember their soulmate's identity when they wake up? w/ a curious, persistent, and thoughtful reader (they/them) and Kokichi(!!!), Kaede, Shuichi...

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Feb 03, 2018 · Warning: Sexual innudendos and spoilers. “My name is K1-B0,but please,address me as Kiibo.” Kiibo,The Ultimate Robot stood proudly with his metallic hands resting on his hips and his chest puffing out like some super hero from a comic book.His piercing blue eyes bore into mine intensely as a small smile appeared on his face,waiting for some sort of response.I couldn’t help but smile at ...

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Seme Male Reader X Alucard Lemon 11. Authors Note~! Me and (Male Name) have been dating for more than three years and it hasn't been more than hugs sweet pecks on the cheek and some cuddling on our free times together.

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Danganronpa x emotionless reader. 3 China Ch. Danganronpa X reader. Tuesday - Free Day. Creepypasta x emotionless reader - [Part 1] - Wattpad. Read Yandere!Nagito x Fem!Reader fro

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Chapter 10 November 8, 2020. Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint.

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I'm the Male Lead's "Girl" Friend; The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée; 남자주인공의 여자사람친구입니다. "Since I know the original novel, if I just avoid falling in love at first sight with the male lead, I definitely won't have a tragic ending!"

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Leon Kuwata x Reader (Leon Kuwata needs love (because this child deserves more love than anything), so I will write a story that is not the Danagn Ronpa universe, but ours, and the story is about him and his partner having a sleepover at his place.)

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