Feb 24, 2009 · Following are several points to consider when determining an engine's mechanical compression ratio: Match the mechanical compression ratio to fuel octane, cam timing, volumetric efficiency (VE), combustion chamber design, gearing, and total bike weight. Aluminum heads generally tolerate higher compression than iron heads.
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HARLEYDAVIDSON SHOVELHEAD PARTS SWAPMEET has 22,896 members. A PLACE TO BUY AND SELL AND SWAP SHOVEL HEAD PARTS , You not need to be a Shovel Owner to join., Outta common courtesey please let us know...

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  • Ways to Pay. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Paypal. Alternatively ring our order line UK +44 (0)1253 296 416 or e-mail us and we'll call you back.
  • Oct 06, 2020 · Timing is set to service manual specs; changed carb out 3 times; a new fuel pump with correct amount of pressure, and a new filter. The vehicle backfires at 40mph and will not go over that speed, acceleration and deceleration are perfect, lots of power but just stops at 40 mph with backfiring.

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standoffs. Recheck timing as in Step 5. Replace crank case hole plug and side cover. DYNAMIC TIMING 2. a. 4. 5. 6. Remove the crank case timing hole plug and replace it with a transparent timing mark view plug Connect a strobe timing light to the front cylinder spark plug. Run the engine at normal operating temperature at 2,000 RPM.

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I have just put the points setup on (flywheel # 0204 003 033) (coil #2204 211 052). I set piston at tdc and marked with texta on the case then lowered piston to 2.5mm btdc and placed a mark. I then put piston back to tdc and set the points gap to .40mm.

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diagram 1980 shovelhead timing plate assembly with points. You search Auto repair manual PDF diagram 1980 shovelhead timing plate assembly with points, if there are search results will appear below. If search results do not exist, please search by others keyword.

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Remove the spark plugs, the timing port plug (on the left side of the engine case between the cylinders) and the timing cover (on the right side of the engine case). Step 2 Place your thumb over the front-cylinder spark plug hole and kick the engine over slowly with the kick starter. Stop when you feel pressure on your thumb.

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How can ads help you? Book your service now. Washer (6) 4. The biggest problem of clogging occurs when people use 2,3,4, or more treatments because the leak hasn't stopped yet. He

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If you don't have a factory service manual for your bike, it is absolutely the first step. It gives full instructions on how to set your points and timing. Behind the points plate is a centrifugal advance mechanism. It has weights that are restrained by springs. What this mechanism does is to advance your ignition timing as the engine gains RPM.

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Points and Condensers Tune Up Kit for 66-69 Shovelhead For 70-E78 Shovelhead(L78-84 80" Models if converted to points) Contact sets feature a metal spring designed to resist metal fatigue and a follower of space-age material to ensure longer life Condenser is sealed to help prevent breakdown due to moisture Meets or exceeds OEM specs Sold in ...

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Shovelhead Points Timing Lets start this off by saying I don't need any witty comments about how I should "start by throwing the points in the garbage" shenanigans. I had an electronic ignition and got rid of the thing because it wasn't working. Ignition is gone so there isn't any sense in having that conversation.

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