This Reynolds Number (Re) calculator characterizes pipe flow as either laminar (Re<2300), turbulent (Re from 2300 to 3999), or transitional (Re>=4000). The Reynolds number is calculated based on pipe diameter, fluid speed, and material attributes. The Reynolds number equation is represented as: Re = (Velocity)* (Pipe Diameter)/ (Kinematic Viscosity)
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The Reynolds number (Re) is a dimensionless quantity for dynamic similarity and is calculated as the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces of a flow of liquid. Knowing Re one can anticipate the transition from laminar to turbulent flow which is the main utility of a Reynolds Number calculator.

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  • The Reynolds number is proportional to the ratio of inertial to viscous effects. It relates to the amount of disorder in the flow, with a larger nunber (e.g. over ~2400 in a circular pipe) indicating turbulent flow. For calculation, the "characteristic length" should be taken according to convention.
  • 1. Laminar Boundary Layer Flow, Isothermal (UWT) All laminar formulations for Re<500;000. The local value of the Nusselt number is given as Nu x = 0:332 Re1=2 x Pr 1=3)local, laminar, UWT, Pr 0:6 An average value of the heat transfer coefficient for the full extent of the plate can be obtained by using the mean value theorem. Nu L = h LL k f ...

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Reynolds number = [diameter x velocity x density]/ viscosity. Laminar flow occurs at low Reynolds numbers where viscous forces are dominant, and it is characterized by smooth, constant fluid motion; turbulent flow occurs at high Reynolds numbers and is dominated by inertial forces, which tend to produce chaotic eddies, vortices and other flow ...

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Reynolds number for laminar flow is typically Re < 2100. Turbulent flow definition is the opposite. It is dominated by inertial forces and is characterized with chaotic eddies, vortices, and other flow instabilities.

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The flat plate boundary layer in laminar flow actually has a closed-form solution; the skin friction drag is given by: C f = 1.328 R e c 1 / 2. As you can see, as Reynolds number increases, the drag coefficient decreases. Turbulent flow, on the other hand, has no closed-form solution.

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Laminar and turbulent flow in pipes - The Reynolds Number In 1883, Osborne Reynolds published his famous paper entitled `An experimental investigation of the circumstances which determine whether motion of water shall be direct or sinuous and of the law of resistance in parallel channels' ( Paper 44 ).

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Laminar Flow The local friction coefficient and the Nusselt number at the location x for laminar flow over a flat plate are , 1/ 2 1/ 2 1/3 Re 0.664 0.332Re Pr Pr 0.6 x f x x x C k hx Nu where x is the distant from the leading edge of the plate and Rex = ρV∞x / μ.

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When a fluid is flowing through a closed channel such as a pipe or between two flat plates, either of two types of flow (laminar flow or turbulent flow) may occur depending on the velocity, viscosity of the fluid and the size of the pipe (or on the Reynolds number). Laminar flow tends to occur at lower...

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turbulent-flow regime that is explicit in friction factor (Denn, 1980): Smooth pipes, turbulent flow: logRe 2.5 4 1.02 f (2) It is occasionally desirable to have a data correlation that spans the entire range of Reynolds number, from laminar flow, through transitional flow, and reaching the highest values of Reynolds number.

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Since the initial flow over a surface (hull or foil) is laminar for more than the first foot or so, regardless of reynolds number ie. model or full size boat. On a foil of short chord (less than a foot or so,) as the flow goes past the max thickness and the pressure drops, will the flow tend to stay laminar or will the change in pressure still ...

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