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Parselmouth Hyperacuity Assays and Audiogram analysis in mice. To suppress miR-96 and PLZF expression, mice were administered doxycycline (100 μg/ml) in their drinking water. For blotting experiments, inner ears of mice were isolated and outer hair cells were micro-dissected under the direction of a pathologist.

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  • The scale of magnitudes is defined so that a difference of 5 magnitudes corresponds to a ratio of 100 in observed radiation intensity. Azimuth. Angle measured clockwise around the horizon, from 0* towards the north, through 90* to the east, 180* to the south, 270* to the west, and to 360* due north.
  • Oct 20, 2020 · Genius Loki: Chapter 2 – Inciting Incident Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, and I know I'm not ever going to get paid for writing this. AN: This was inspired by the Worm AU story 'It Gets Worse' by Ack1308/Ack and the prologue was inspired by 'Sphere of Influence' by Bodmin356.

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The famous parselmouth, Slytherin, translates well. Other names, such as 'Snape' Get pronounced differently. 'Ssnahpeh' rather than 'Sneip.' Others need to be spelled differently or truncated to be said in Parseltongue. 'James' might become 'Ganes' (Gahneys)

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acoustic intensity rhythm (phoneme and syllable duration) MyProsody is a Python library for measuring these acoustic features of speech (simultaneous speech, high entropy) compared to ones of native speech. The acoustic features of native speech patterns have been observed and established by employing Machine Learning algorithms.

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API Reference¶ exception parselmouth.PraatError¶. Bases: RuntimeError class parselmouth.AmplitudeScaling¶. Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object __eq__ (self ...

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Parselmouth - Praat in Python, the Pythonic way. Parselmouth is a Python library for the Praat software.. Though other attempts have been made at porting functionality from Praat to Python, Parselmouth is unique in its aim to provide a complete and Pythonic interface to the internal Praat code.

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Parseltongue is the language of serpents (as well as other magical serpentine creatures, like the Runespoor and Basilisk) and those who can converse with them. An individual who can speak Parseltongue is known as a Parselmouth. It is a very uncommon skill, and was known to be an almost exclusively hereditary trait.1 Not counting Herpo the Foul, who predated him by several centuries,2 nearly ...

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Parselmouth/Lobby. Praat bindings for Python, the Pythonic way. People Repo info Activity. Sep 06 18:23. YannickJadoul commented #10. Sep 06 17:52. ...

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Summary: Sequel, of sorts, to "Moment of Impact." Harry and Severus' relationship continues to develop through their correspondence during Harry's 6th year. Mainly follows canon but with the H/S mentor relationship established in "Moment of Impact."

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Visibly flustered by the intensity of his attention, the young woman checked the bags in without further argument — particularly after a couple of UNIT officers arrived to ensure they were given swift passage through the airport to their flight.

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