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NukeMap; Nuclear bomb simulator. Calculates the effects of the detonation of a nuclear bomb. If you have ever been curious as to what exactly the damage might be should a nuclear device go off anywhere throughout the world, then there are websites which have a nuclear-explosion simulator with a nuclear map that can actually show you the data ...

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  • Nuclear War Simulator started life as a Defconmod. Defcon is a terrifying video gamewhere the player takes control of a global superpower during a nuclear conflict. The only way to win is not to play. But Stepanov couldn’t make his simulator work as a mod, he said, since there was too much he wanted to model.
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Jun 17, 2014 · There’s something particularly sobering about seeing the abstractions of nuclear war overlaid on the towns and cities where you grew up… I took inspiration from your post and wrote up my own half-serious, half-satirical guide to surviving nuclear Armegeddon (along with the combination of these targets + Nukemap’s explosion/fallout simulation) – I’d love if it you checked it out and ...

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While the exactness of this online tool may not be of a similar level to the advanced computer simulations used by many of the world’s nuclear powers to test their nuclear weapons, the results produced by Nukemap makes for sobering reading. For example, your editor examined the effects of a 30 kiloton (30000 tonnes of conventional explosives) airburst nuclear weapon detonation above Birmingham International Airport (BHX) in central England, close to his home town.

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Manzione said the next step for Nukemap VR is to test the experience on hundreds of users, gather feedback, and improve the software. If the team scrounges together more funding, he said, the VR experience could eventually allow users to customize the simulation in a similar way to the original Nukemap.

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Jun 13, 2017 · This is all academically very interesting, but I suspect the first we peons will know about an atomic attack is seeing the mushroom cloud or clouds on the horizon, at which point, unless you have your backyard shelter already built or have converted a room in your house to a bunker, it won’t matter a whole hill of beans.

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Then, we encourage students to engage with the human experience of the atomic bombing and its after­effects through the personal stories of atomic bombing survivors (hibakusha). Last, we encourage students to consider what might happen if their hometowns were attacked with a nuclear weapon through explanatory videos and the NUKEMAP simulator.

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He is completing a manuscript on the history of nuclear secrecy in the United States and is the author of “Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog,” the creator of the nuclear weapons effects simulator website NUKEMAP, and is a regular contributor to The New Yorker’s Elements website. His writing has also appeared in The Washington Post ...

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Jan 05, 2018 · Here’s how 50- and 250-kiloton strikes would look on the Nukemap, a simulator created by researcher Alex Wellerstein. Above, the impact of a strike on Seoul; below, comparable impacts in Toronto.

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NUKEMAP 3-D, billed as "a nuclear weapons effects simulator for Google Earth," allows the user to choose the location of the detonation as well as the strength of the bomb - anything from the smallest nuclear weapon ever produced by the U.S. (the 20-ton "Davy Crockett") to Russia's designed 100-megaton "Tsar Bomba" (Russia did test Tsar Bomba in 1961, but at 50 megatons).

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