Bring back your field day activities and use the gym equipment for potato sack races, egg on spoon races, tug of war and relay races. Use the playground equipment as an obstacle course, do timed activities, and maybe even add a little competition. You鈥檒l get an engaged and active crowd every time.
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Distance Learning Tutorials Learn how to teach online using Zoom. Create google forms and quiz Distance Learning Options for Educators Distant Learning with Newsela Distant Learning with Zoom for Teachers (1 of 2 Setting Up Zoom) Distant Learning with Zoom for Teachers (2 of 2 Meetings on Zoom) Weekly Schedule Samples

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  • May 11, 2020 路 I鈥檝e had a lot of messages on social media asking for ideas to use to make online lessons fun and engaging. So today I鈥檓 sharing a bunch of Zoom distance learning lesson ideas that you can use with your students. Morning Meeting. I don鈥檛 know about you, but my students love morning meeting/circle time in the classroom.
  • Online Morning Meeting Activities

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you鈥檙e at the appropriate distance from the microphone for the best audio experience. When delivering a presentation, sharing images, files or video, give your students a moment to open or take in what you鈥檝e shared. Embrace the pause. Take a moment after the end of your comments and allow for students to engage before continuing on.

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Morning Meeting shouldn't be something we do in our classrooms because it is what everyone does or its what we have always done. Morning Meeting is a time that allows students to learn goal-setting and self-reflection. A special education teacher who thought it might be a nice idea to give back.

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Similar to meeting notes, minutes are meant to serve as a record that everyone can refer to To that end, we've created this reference so you can learn and access everything you need to write Before diving into how to write meeting minutes, it's important to first figure out what type of format you'll...

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For many teachers, distance learning means daily virtual meetings with your class that aim to build community and create a sense of togetherness while we are all apart. If you are trying this strategy with your class, here are some fun virtual activities and games that are sure to help you and your students...

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Superintendent Coke Magee recently had initial meetings with students from the district鈥檚 three high schools 鈥 Saltillo, Shannon and Mooreville. ... technology and distance learning, because ...

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It is a great way to stay connected and feel like you are a part of something. I have been in contact with my preschool class for the entire distance learning by conducting weekly Zoom calls. I created a list of classroom Zoom ideas that are fun and engaging for you and your students. Below you will see a list of my top favorites! 1.

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Jun 17, 2020 路 5 Radical Ideas For Schooling During Coronavirus American education is full of innovators practicing alternatives to the mainstream. Now, some of those alternatives are proving their mettle.

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