Mordhau is a first-person slasher game developed by Triternion. It was Kickstarter funded in April 2017 and was released in April 2019. Overview. Mordhau is a multiplayer PVP medieval fighting game. Combat ranges from duels to large open-world with up to 64 players. It features a skill-based combat system that is easy to learn but harder to master.
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Skill with a blade is good, but you want the best Mordhau weapons to really win. With all the different swords, axes, and other sharp things to pick there's a lot to learn and master.

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  • placeholder (each one will have a hyperlink to their page (which is in the making)) (weapons placed in a rough order of'rank/tier') One-handed weapons Cleaver, Carving Knife, Dagger

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Stabs are by far the easier attack to chamber, and because rapier wielders are spamming stab they often can't chamber a slash. Chamber, morph into slash, watch the rapier wielder bow down before you as you remove his head. Rinse and repeat.

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The Energy Sword from the Halo 2 video game is one of the most popular video game swords. A knight's tale: Better get comfortable. FINISH HIM: Executions are stylish and over the top. As part of the SNK line up, Samurai Shodown was one of their niche titles but still beloved to this day. If you’re not seeing a replica sword you’ve been hoping to buy, reach out to our customer service team ...

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Stabbing IS a crutch. I used the Estoc (rapier's big bro) for my first 20 hours or so and absolutely wrecked most people by simply alternating alternating left and right stabs (and angling them to stab into the enemies side, not front) and occasionally feinting a left stab into a right stab or morphing or an overhead into a stab (mousewheel back to mousewheel forward).

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How To Beat Fast Weapon/Rapier Spammers In Mordhau - Duration: 4:58. eygrr 7,243 views. 4:58. Fighting Multiple Opponents - Mordhau (Positioning, Combat Strategies, Loadout) ...

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Ok maul whiners, we gotta talk. No, the maul does not need a rework, YOU need to git gud. I understand, mauls are infuriating. They get me plenty too, and those maul feints seem OP, but theyre not, because they can be beaten, its just that people usually dont use the weapons that can beat it. This thread is going to tell you how, in detail. So theres three basic advantages to any weapon ...

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rapier. I'll give you some reasons. faster,more accurate. long hits +40 more damage so say rapier maxs 700 long 740 rapier hits 5times more then long.

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Mordhau, or inverted grip, was often used with longsword or zweihander. By gripping the blade of the sword with both hands, with cross-guard up, sword was turned in a two-handed warhammer, which was much more effective in dealing with platemail wearing opponents.

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Oct 02, 2020 · 5. Rapier. All for one and one for all! Big trouble comes in small packages with this weapon. The rapier is perfect for those up close cuts on your opponent. I’ve seen knights clad in armor head to toe, get poked to death by this weapon. With the right moment of opportunity it can even exploit perks to make you a killing machine.

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