Oct 12, 2018 · I was ready to move to Gitlab but I wasn’t ready to leave GitHub Desktop, so I decided to use Gitlab and GitHub Desktop. I began making research on how to use them both. So I’ll show you how to use GitHub Desktop with a Gitlab Repo that has 2FA(two-factor authentication) enabled. So let’s visit the steps from scratch.
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前提:gitlab克隆仓库代码的时候,输入了正确的用户名和密码(非personal access token), 问题原因:You must use a personal access token with ‘api’ scope for Git over HTTP. 密码必须为 personal access token,而不是gitlab登录的密码; 解决方法: 创建一个 personal access token 步骤 1 ...

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  • Personal Access Token: Can be created in GitLab UI; 4. To create the Personal Token Access, you might click on “Token Page” and find the option “Access Tokens” under User Settings: 5.
  • Gitlab-CI API 사용하기 & Access Token 만들기 (0) 2017.10.24: Postgresql 9.6 on Windows 커맨드라인으로 설치하기 ( gitlab-ci 빌드 동작 중 한 파트 ) (0) 2017.10.23: Docker 설치하기 on CentOS 7.3 (0) 2017.10.11: 쉘 스크립트를 사용하면 안될 경우 (0) 2017.10.10

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Use personal token As for workaround, you can create your personal or OAuth2 access token ( GitLab / OAuth2 ; GitHub / OAuth ) and use it along with your private repository URL. OAuth token will allow you to access repo via API, and personal token directly via URL, e.g.

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The access token is in the URL fragment, not the query string, so it will not show up in HTTP requests to your server. URI fragments can be accessed from JavaScript with document.location.hash. The response includes the state parameter...

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A GitLab personal access token with write-access to the GitLab repository, selected scopes must be at least: api and read_repository. Prepare your repository. You need to clone your Magento Commerce Cloud project from an existing environment and migrate the project branches to a new, empty GitLab repository, preserving the same branch names.

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Impersonation tokens are used exactly like regular personal access tokens, and can be passed in either the private_token parameter or the PRIVATE-TOKEN header. Disable impersonation Introduced in GitLab 11.6.

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Mar 18, 2020 · Go to https://gitlab.com/profile/personal_access_tokens or from GitLab, go to your Settings_ > Access Tokens_. Under Name, enter a short description, to identify the purpose of this token. I recommend something like: jupyterlab-gitlab. Under Scopes, check the api scope. Click Create personal access token. You will see your new personal access token (a 21 characters string).

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For more information on GitLab personal access token, see GitLab: Personal Access Token. The user can change this to a different value by generating another secret token according to your Git host. Use this key in the form of

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Add-on gives you a convenient way to collect commits from GitLab and GitHub. It has minimal settings: all you need to start is to provide a server name, a repository name and a personal access token. No additional settings at GitHub or GitLab are needed. Jigit interrogates servers using their public API and saves commits into a JIRA database.

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GitLab An intro to working with GitLab. Star 3 HTTP SSH; HTTP Create a personal access token on your account to pull or push via HTTP. Files (205 KB) Commits (6)

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