Rachel Skaggs is thought to be Shawnee/Cherokee Indian, daughter of Chief Cornstalk, born 1709 Western PA, died 10 Oct 1777 in Point Plesant, VA. Now WV.. According to J. Red Wolf, Rachel Skaggs (white name) was daughter of the great Chief Cornstalk.
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Speeches delivered by several Indian chiefs. : Also, an extract of a letter from an Indian chief. (New-York : Printed by Samuel Wood, no. 357, Pearl-Street, 1810), by Samuel Wood, Seneca chief Red Jacket, and approximately 1730-1841 Farmer's Brother (page images at HathiTrust) Memoir of John Arch, a Cherokee young man.

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  • Some say she is the Catherine who was captured by the Shawnees in July 1763 at the event known as the Muddy Creek (now West Virginia) Massacre, led by Chief Cornstalk Some claim she is the daughter of Abraham Vanderpool (bp. 1709 in Albany, New York) and others claim she is his sister.
  • On July 3, 2000, we contacted the Department of the Army and spoke to Dr. William Donnelly, Chief of the U.S. Army Center for Military History, Department of the Army, Washington D.C. He stated that the Department of Army did not have an accurate number of Latinos who served and/or died in the Vietnam War because the Department did not keep ...

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Nonhelema was born around 1718, about 2 years before her most famous brother, Hokolesqua, Cornstalk.They had 2 younger brothers, Silverheels, and Nimwha. The family migrated to Pennsylvania from West Virginia or Maryland around 1730 as the Shawnee and other tribes were increasingly pushed westward by the expansion of white settlements into the continent’s interior.

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Apparently, Chief Black Fish stole/adopted two unrelated young men named Rogers. One - Lewis Rogers (1764-1830) was the son of Benjamin Rogers and Jane Moss. Lewis Rogers had at least 3 sons and 1 daughter with Blackfish's daughter Parlie Chalakatha. See Findagrave.com memorial ID 19352252. The other was Captain Henry Rogers, about whom less is ...

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Sometime in the 1730's, Nonhelema, the Grenadier Squaw of the Clan, was born in Oldtown, as was her famous brother, Cornstalk. Many tribes came through Oldtown, as it was a stop along the Great Warrior's Path of the Five Nations. After the coming of the Whites, the Shawnee left their homes and settled in Ohio, where the tribe still resides.

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Some say she is the Catherine who was captured by the Shawnees in July 1763 at the event known as the Muddy Creek (now West Virginia) Massacre, led by Chief Cornstalk Some claim she is the daughter of Abraham Vanderpool (bp. 1709 in Albany, New York) and others claim she is his sister.

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He was a First Lieutenant in Captain William Russell's company in the campaign against the Shawnee and other Indian tribes in 1774, the confederation being commanded by "Cornstalk" a noted chief of the Shawnees. He was in the hotly contested battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774.

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Chief Cornstalk. Shawnee Indian chief Born: c. 1720 Birthplace: western Pennsylvania? Little is known of Chief Cornstalk, whose Indian name was Wynepuechsika, before the 1750s, when he fought with the French against the British during the French and Indian War. In 1763 he led an expedition of warriors against white settlements along Muddy Creek in Greenbrier County in what is now West Virginia.

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