OpenCV Laser Tracker. Click To Download. RC Green Flamethrower . Download The 3D Model Here . Click to download . BLACK PANTHER MASK DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE. Click to download Laser Trip-Wire . Download Arduino Code Here. Click To Download
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Xy2 100 Arduino is f(y)ddy[g(y)]+g(y)ddy[f(y)]f(y)ddy[g(y)]+g(y)ddy[f(y)]. Buy the best and latest tronxy xy 2 on banggood. jp] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds] 2013-12-04T14:33:09 -!- dongs [ [email protected]

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  • Mar 02, 2012 · This custom Arduino by Craig Hollabaugh shield mounts a Pololu dual MC33926 motor driver carrier for easy control with an Arduino. For details, see his project video and build log: page 1, page 2, page 3.
  • Motion Tracking Head Using 4 PIRs, Servo and Arduino Uno Updated: Mar 31,2014 - modified program to use PIR only once per HIGH state. I wanted to make a motion tracker originally using sound sensors but that was too much work and I thought using PIRs would be just like programming on and off switches, simpler.

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Jun 18, 2015 · The left sensor is triggered, the LED for the left comes on and the servo moves until no motion is detected. The same happens if the right sensor is triggered. If both sensors detect motion then its likely the object may be between the 2 but given the field of detection its not going to be precice.

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Xy2 100 Arduino is f(y)ddy[g(y)]+g(y)ddy[f(y)]f(y)ddy[g(y)]+g(y)ddy[f(y)]. Buy the best and latest tronxy xy 2 on banggood. jp] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds] 2013-12-04T14:33:09 -!- dongs [ [email protected]

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Jun 25, 2009 · As its name suggests, the laser tracker measures 3-D coordinates by tracking a laser beam to a retro-reflective target held in contact with the object of interest. Some laser trackers can measure object features up close and as far away as 60 meters. Some have typical single point accuracy of about 0.001" (0.025 mm) at distances to several meters.

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Arduino Eye Tracking With this awesome project from thesystemis you can draw using only the movement of your eyes! Surprisingly this project can be made quite cheaply using the brainpower of an Arduino Uno which talks to the open source eye tracking software – “EyeWriter” running on a computer.

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SEN0017 Line Tracking Sensor for Arduino V4 SEN0147 Smart Grayscale sensor SEN0212 TCS34725 I2C Color Sensor For Arduino SEN0245 Gravity VL53L0X ToF Laser Range Finder SEN0259 TF Mini LiDAR ToF Laser Range Sensor SEN0214 20A Current Sensor SEN0262 Gravity Analog Current to Voltage Converter for 4~20mA Application

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SpeckleEye describes the design and implementation of an embedded gesture and real-time motion tracking system using laser speckle. SpeckleEye is a low-cost, scalable, open source toolkit for embedded speckle sensing and gestural interaction with ubiquitous devices in the environment.

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Interested in tracking? Explore 104 projects tagged with 'tracking'. Find these and other hardware projects on Arduino Project Hub.

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Alien Isolation Arduino based motion tracker Moderators: adafruit_support_bill, adafruit 1 post • Page 1 of 1. Please be positive and constructive with your ...

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